1 Samuel 1:27

For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him:



 At first I felt a little jipped that I didn't get the FULL pregnancy experience.  I wanted ALL 9 MONTHS.

Over the past 5 weeks I have wondered what it would be like if I was still pregnant.  What would I have been doing?  What would I have looked like?  Over the past 5 weeks, I have pondered what kinds of things we could have avoided if she would have waited to come...the NICU visit, possibly even the AWFUL acid reflux that she is having as it happens a lot in preemies...

I could say that Hannah came too late, after all we endured 3 miscarriages and waited 3 years for her to come into our lives.
I could say she came too early, because she was born at 35 weeks.

But, if there is one thing that I want to remember and that I want Hannah to remember it is this...

You came at the right time, not to early, not to late.
Heavenly Father sent you at just the right time, he has a specific plan in mind for you, he has all along.  He waited until it was the perfect timing to send you to Mommy's tummy and he chose the right time to have you come into the world.  My dear baby girl, you are the sunshine after the rain, the hope you have brought will touch and warm many lives...it already has.