I posted this on my family blog today and I decided to post it here as well...

I know I have a little birthday to post about, and I know I promised some pictures of Hannah at 1 year...but...I feel I need to post about something very important and so I am going to do it now.  

When Connel and I were having a hard time becoming pregnant, we thought of all the options.  We thought of not doing anything and just "letting" things happen.  We thought of getting infertility treatments...

...and we thought of adoption.

We ultimately wanted to try and become pregnant ourselves...and through prayers, little miracles, and some great/not-so-great medications and hormones...we did.  But, as I researched and read about adoption and the miracle that it is, I gained a testimony that it is truly an act of love and unselfishness, of and for all parties involved.

Today, this post today deeply touched my soul and I felt the strong need to share it, maybe someone out there needed this today.

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