Let's Have a Better VIEW!

I was interested to find that this past week "The View" had a special episode all about infertility.

We don't even have cable so I normally don't watch the show.  However, I received an email from RESOLVE about it and it interested me.  I was really glad they were covering infertility, and they did an OK job of covering the basics, but, um... are they always so inconsiderate towards people's feelings?  Seriously...I guess a bunch of women can't be expected not to interupt, but really.  Some of them (Sherri and Barbara) have gone through some facet of infertility themselves, and I believe were somewhat tuned in...and I know that it's all for television drama...but Gah!

In the end, I was glad that they invited some people like you and me to share their experiences.  I was glad they had this special to help create awareness about infertility and miscarriage but I couldn't help but notice a few things...

Like, for instance...when Whoopie and Barbara started lecturing Giuliana about gaining weight so that she could have a baby.  You know...that kind of "advice" that we all have come to despise? Just look at the hurt on her face and how she is trying to mask the pain!!  It's the "how can I get out of here/when is this going to be over/please just stop talking/I shouldn't have to answer to you" look.  Even if what they were saying may be good advice, they still have no right to lecture her about it!  And...
Barbara Walters comment:  "We are not talking about adoption we are taking about infertility."  What the heck?!?!?


I LOVED the first couple they talked to and their comments about how it effected their marriage and the divorcee womans comments on how you consider ALL the options.

But now I'll stop ranting and raving...