Old Wives Tale

Okay, so as a disclaimer, I had some fun last night and I wanted to say at first that this was all in fun and I don't want to girls that did this with me to feel bad because I love them and that I am fine and not offended or feel wronged to the least little bit.  But man, I must need therapy...

I had fun with some girls last night and we took a pencil pregnancy test.  No, I am not expecting, but we were trying to predict our "pregnancy future".  The deal is that you stick a threaded needle into the eraser of a sharpened pencil and you let it hang over your wrist.  It is supposed to tell you what children and about how many you are going to have.  It swings over your wrist in a series of directions.  And it will swing several times before shifting onto the next direction (important for those of us who have had several miscarriages and it swings and swings and swings and we wonder WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!)   If it swings left to right ( __ ) it's a girl, if it swings up and down ( | ) it's a boy, if it swings diagonal (/ or  \) it's twins...then it will tell you what gender.  If it swings in a circle (O) it's a miscarriage (oh brother.)  Mine went like this...O, O , O , __ , O , | , /, __ , then stopped.  Okay...so the beginning was fairly accurate!  Three miscarriages... then a girl!  But, man oh man.  Let's just say I wasn't excited the least little bit when I saw my worst fear before my eyes with that next circle!

In fact, later on, after the fun was over, I noticed that I was biting my nails...something that I have not done for about 6 months!  Biting my nails is a nervous/anxious habit I have.  Connel noticed to, on the way home and asked "Are you having anxiety or something because... you are biting your nails!"  Then he said...it was probably that "pregnancy test thing".  And I had to agree, I was feeling a little anxious.  I really don't know how I'll handle another miscarriage.  I was badly effected with the ones before Hannah and I just don't want to deal with it.  So, in short...let's just hope it's a little wives tale.

But on the brighter side of things...if it's true, I'll still be having 3 more kids (a boy and twin girls!) and that will make all the difference! Right?  I don't know if I want it to be wrong or right.  There were several believable testimonials that it was right.

Anybody want to prove the pencil preg test wrong for me?