I am feeling a little sad, and at the same time relieved. I was working in the Nursery (infant and toddler) area of the day care that I work at. I usually try to keep personal life away from work life and vice-versa, however, I finally (after two months) told the owner that I would rather NOT be in that area of the day care. So, she was so gracious and moved people around to compensate for my personal feelings and emotions.

There is relief in the fact that I will not be further paining myself by being around infants every single day, however, you can help but bond with the children that you are around and so I will miss being with them.

The hard part is trying to explain to the other people at work, the why's, without going into detail. Some think it is because I don't like working with certain people, some think, it's because I don't want to be in the "dungeon" (downstairs). And so I have to explain that it is something personal that has NOTHING to do with factors at work. I like the place I work, I like my co-workers and, of course I like taking care of children.

It's interesting how there really shouldn't have to be...but everyone expects an explanation for your personal issues. If fact, some people practically demand an explanation for a couple's childlessness. Can't people just mind their own business? (I say, as I write on my public infertility blog.)


Sweet Em said...

A - Good job for taking care of yourself and not being a martyr for the cause.

B - Come up with a wacky excuse, even if you never us it you'll feel better having it. Something like "my husband thought it made me smell funny" or "it was making me NOT want to have kids" or something crazy like that.

Kendall and Katy said...

Hey Laura! I love your blog. Do you mind if I add you to my list?