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The R House is doing a series of posts on Understanding and Supporting Pregnancy Loss.  Please read and follow the series if you have a chance.  There has already been and I am sure there will be wonderful insight to come.   I commented that "I feel like the pain really never goes away, you just learn how to deal with it and suppress it. Those feelings come back…sometimes full force when I hear stories like this or sometimes they surface at unexpected (and embarrassing) times. The fear that it will happen again also stays. Thank you and love to these Mothers who shared their experiences and true raw feelings."


Brianna Tuckett said...

I TOTALLY agree with you Laura!! i think the hurt never really does go away. After I lost my baby so many people told me "just give it time." or "Time heals all." But as "time" has gone on I have found that "time" hasn't HEALED anything. It has simply made it easier to supress like you said. The only thing that has even remotely "healed" my hurt has been my Heavenly Father and my faith in Him. It hasn't completely taken away the pain, but I now understand that my baby has a purpose and taught me and my husband so many things in that short amount of time and we are now better prepared for when our time to be parents rolls around. I love that you are so open and honest about your experiences and feelings Laura. Thank you for that!! It brings me hope and strength!

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