On Friday I helped give a baby shower. What is wrong with me? Don't ask. I usually have a hard time even GOING to baby showers. I felt like I should help with this one, that's all. I tried not to think about myself to much while I was putting things together and it kind of worked. (While she was opening presents, I had a little twinge of jealousy, especially when I held a pair of soft cotton newborn pajamas, printed with Noah's ark Animals "Two by two" it said. Well... okay, okay so that was not my only jealous moment. I had to buy a pair of size one diapers and use some of them for a game...they were so tiny and I pathetically pretended for just a small moment that I was taking them out of the package to change a little newborn bum.) But, overall, the baby shower went pretty well, so did trying not to think about myself.

On Saturday (the day after the baby shower) I was still feeling just fine. But, Heavenly Father knows what you need, when you need it...even if you don't know you need it. I had two experiences that touched me to know that I am loved and cared about. Heavenly Father cares about the questions I have in my mind. He also cares about me enough to prompt people to share their beautiful and personal experiences that will touch me in just a way and be an answer to my prayers. I wasn't even looking for these answers, in fact these were answers to a future prayer.

Tonight I started thinking that I had tried my very best to help the people that my Heavenly Father had put in my path...then, I started asking... "Well, when am I going to get someone to help me?...I need to be cared about too!"...then I remembered my answers.

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