At One

Outside, it is raining.

I am crying.

I cry for things lost. For things that have yet to come.

I stare through the pane, as the small water droplets form along the glass...the only thing that separates me from the storm.

I long to feel the moisture upon my skin, and something within tells me to pursue.

I retreat to feel the cool shower upon my crown, and the droplets become one with my tears.

Soon, the tears disappear.

I find peace for a moment, slumber, dream.

The morning comes, the rain still pours, but my spirit; anew.

As the storm subsides, the luster of the sun shows the damp landscape.

I feel it's warmth through the clouds.

I absorb the frolic of the birdsong and the trickle of the stream.

The earth is content, and, for a moment, I.

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CurtisandMindy said...

Hey Laura, your sister directed me towards this blog. I guess I knew that you were going through fertility issues but I didn't know quite to what extent. When I read this specific post I immediately thought of a song that has helped me and many others through difficult times in our lives. I heard it when one of my friends lost the 20 week twin girls she was carrying. It's called "Praise You in this Storm" by Casting Crowns and you can listen to it on my private blog (I believe you've been invited). It applies to so many things, but it's unbelievably similar to what you wrote in this post.