The new girl.

After several years of trying, treatments and tears, my sister and her husband were finally blessed with pregnancy through IVF.  I remember the feelings of joy and relief when she told us that she was pregnant.  I really didn't understand, like I do now, what it possibly meant to them to be expecting, but I knew that it had been a rough journey to get where they were. 

They were blessed with a sweet baby girl (who came quite early). Then, two years later, another little girl, again, through IVF.  Though we have faced separate and different trials, we still both still suffer the journey of infertility.  We have been able to lean on, talk to and cry to each other.  I am so happy to let you know that she will be joining me here on Beyond the Rain as a contributor!  She is one of the greatest examples of faith that I have ever known and I am sure you will love her like I do! 

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