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Does anyone else read the r house blog? I love it. She has some great links for people going through infertility and adoption. I am personally interested in the links and articles that focus on infertility, just because, well, that's where we are.

THIS is my favorite post that she has ever written. Many of you have mentioned to me in comments something about women from the bible, like sarah, hannah, elisabeth, rachel, etc., struggling with a "barren womb". I thought I would share the link to this post, because the things she reiterates from the speaker are better than anything I could ever say myself about the subject. It focuses on adoption at the end but the message is so very POWERFUL.

This morning I was thinking about this subject and I had a couple thoughts flow through my mind...

First, most of these women eventually received children. And...most of their children grew up to influence generations...

Sarah: Isaac
Hannah: Samuel
Rebekah: Jacob
Elisabeth: John the Baptist

Perhaps Heavenly Father needed these women to go through trials so that they would learn to trust in him...to be prepared with unshakable testimonies to teach and raise these great men with righteousness and a firm testimony.

Do you ever wonder if Heavenly Father is preparing all of us (fertile and infertile) to raise children that may someday perhaps influence generations?

Just a thought.


Amy said...

What a great post, and it points out something that a lot of women/mother's overlook: trials will make us stronger women, and stronger mothers. My relief society president (who incidentally hasn't ever been able to have children and avoids church on mother's day as well) told me once to do a scripture search on the word 'barren' and I think that this goes along with your post very nicely.

Daniel and Belinda said...

Hey, I came across your blog through a friend. Her and I are both in the same situation as you,(infertile sisters). it's nice to meet others who are in the same boat. It's hard for others to understnad if they've never gone through it.
I love your blog

Sweet Em said...

The scripture that guided me during our infertility struggle is found in the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. In Daniel 3 they are going to be thrown into the fiery furnace. They profess their belief that God CAN save him if He wills it. Verse 18 starts with three words that make me tear up every time I say them..."But if not..." they will still maintain their faith and know that He has a different plan.

That was always my goal, to reach the point where "but if not" I would still keep my faith. I don't know if I made it, but I find these three words are incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

I appreciate the stories of women in the scriptures who deal with infertility as very strong evidence that infertility has nothing to do with righteousness. I think they are in the scriptures for those few insensitive "fertile myrtles" who have ever though "I wonder what she did to deserve this." Sadly, they do exist, but the are obviously completely off base!

Terra said...

Laura- I think that when you do become a mother you will be a much better mother than I am. You will have a better perspective on whats really important and not be as impatient as I am. This trial will mold into into a very incredible and influential mother. You're children will be very blessed

Anonymous said...

Just popped over from MMB.

I have PCOS with other complications. I have been pregnant eight times: six miscarriages and two live births. After my sixth miscarriage which occurred in the second trimester, I had a tubal ligation to end my suffering, a painful decision my husband and I came to feel was the right thing to do. I was 28 and had been dealing with infertility for ten years.

It is so hard to wait on the Lord's timetable for your children. I remember when I saw my first baby for the first time, I had a powerful witness that she was here not a moment too soon nor too late. It was her time. I had the same witness when my son was born.

I don't understand why I had to go through what I did or why so many of my babies were taken from me. I still have a private cry when a friend announces a pregnancy or gives birth. I want to experience it again. I wish the desire for children would be taken away from me, but it won't be.

This time alone with your husband is good, too. I wish I had enjoyed and savored it more in the years we had just the two of us instead of being so focused on making a "family."

Press on and be of good cheer!